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What can you make with a Pineapple Pack? (Hint: The possibilities are endless…)

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We have to admit we’re a bit proud of our Pineapple Packs. They are designed to help you create projects quickly and easily, then go on to the next one! You can create more in less time.

Here’s how we’ve made it quick and easy: Each Pineapple Pack comes with five different contrasting fabrics that go together well. What we hear a lot from customers is that they don’t like all the cutting from huge swaths of fabric, and the Pineapple Packs are all precut for you. 

Each Pineapple Pack also comes with a free pattern designed specifically to use the fabric in the Pack, although you can certainly buy the Pineapple Pack because you love the fabric and create your own pattern. And we’re constantly adding fabric collections to each Pineapple Pack, so if you enjoy making one particular pattern, you can make it over and over with a Pineapple Pack and never use the same fabric twice!

Here’s the current rundown on the projects that are available with each Pineapple Pack: 

Alice Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs


  • 5 Bonus Quarters (21” x 21”)
  • Approximately 1 1/2 yards 

Alice precut fabric pineapple packs

Project Patterns for Alice:

  • Baby Wrap
  • Bedside Caddy
  • Chenille Pillow
  • Christmas Tree Skirt
  • Easy Daypack
  • Double Pinwheel Table Runner
  • Fireside Christmas Stockings
  • Hanger Cover with Security Pouch
  • Heart to Heart Home
  • Hobo Bag
  • Patio Table Cloth
  • Pot Luck Carriers
  • Pineapple Pillow
  • Tea Time Placemats
  • Tea Time Topper
  • The Blankie

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Tea Time Placemats - Alice Pattern Precut Fabric pack

Bella Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs

  • 20 – 2.5” x 43” strips
  • 20 – 2.5” squares
  • 5 Bonus Quarters (21” x 21”)
  • Approximately 2 3/4 yards
Bella precut fabric pineapple packs
For Bella, choose from these patterns:

  • Stepping Stones Quilt
  • Ladies’ Vest & Pocket Tote
  • Pocket Pillow
  • Parquet Quilt
  • Shoo Fly Quilt
  • Tote Bag Set
  • Kitty Igloo & Teaser Toy

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Pocket Pillow Set - Bella Pattern Precut Fabric pack

Carla Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs

  • 20 – 5” squares
  • 20 – 2.5” squares
  • 5 – Bonus Quarters (21” x 21”)
  • Approximately 1 7/8 yards 
Carla precut fabric pineapple packs
Here’s what you can make with Carla:

  • Butcher Apron & Hot Pads
  • Car Caddy
  • Ottoman Cube & Coaster
  • Reversible Table Runner
  • Studio Portfolio
  • Toddler Nap Mat

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Studio Portfolio - Carla Pattern Precut Fabric pack

Diana Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs

  • 10 – 6.5” x 43” strips
  • 2 pieces of each 5 fabrics 
  • Approximately 1 3/4 yards
Diana precut fabric pineapple packs
These patterns are available with Diana:

  • Cape on Point
  • Cross Shoulder Tote Pattern
  • Girl’s Jean and T-Shirt Makeover
  • Hexie Tree Skirt or Table Topper
  • Pet Pillow
  • Rosie-Posey Placemats
  • Stowaway Carry-on Bag
  • Tiered Strip Skirt
  • Wall Organizer
  • Weekender Hanging Bag

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View all  Diana Pineapple Packs

Poinsettias & Pinecones - Diana Pattern Precut Fabric pack

Ellie Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs

  • 20 – 10” squares
  • 20 – 1-1/2 x 43” strips
  • 5 – Bonus Quarters (21” x 21”)
  • Approximately 3 3/8 yards
Ellie precut fabric pineapple packs
Patterns for Ellie are:

  • Shock Waves Quilt
  • Cozy Quilt with Neckroll
  • Deluxe Duvet (requires 2 packs)
  • LeMoyne Star Quilt
  • Reversible Placemat & Napkins
  • Sewing Room Accessories
  • Storage Bin

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Modern Churn Dash Quilt & Pillow Cover - Ellie Pattern Precut Fabric Pack

Fran Precut Fabric Pineapple Packs

  • 20 – 5” squares
  • 20 – 2.5” x 43” strips
  • 20 – 2.5” squares
  • Approximately 1 3/4 yards
Fran precut fabric pineapple packs
Last, but not least, here are Fran’s patterns:

  • Beach Bag
  • Garden Party Outfit
  • Laptop Sleeve
  • Toy Blocks & Carry Bag
View all Fran Precut Fabric Patterns


View all Fran Pineapple Packs 
Laptop Sleeve - Fran Pattern Precut Fabric pack

We are always adding new fabric collections and patterns that enhance each “girl.” If you want to see all the fabrics in the Pineapple Packs, click here to go to the Pineapple Packs page on our website.

What will you make next with a Pineapple Pack? 

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