Dog Days of Summer

For the record, the span of running hot days from early July until almost mid-August has less to do with dogs and more to do with the night time stars. Never mind what the ancient Romans or Greeks thought let’s go with the folklore and the fact that it’s HOT outside right now! When we hear dog days we automatically think of the summer, long lazy days & heat that’s not even fit for our furry friends.

The following are some cool ideas for both you and your pooches to enjoy the rest of the summer.

  1. Find a dog park! How great is it to watch your best friend having fun. During this period of summer, we suggest to make your trips to the park early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the hottest part of the day. Always make sure to follow park etiquette! Here are 10 Dog Park Safety Tips from Pet Hub to make your trips enjoyable for everyone.

2. Take the plunge and sew something new with Pooch Plunge Pineapple Fran pack. What does this have to do with dog days you ask? Staying inside and sewing up a new project is a great way to beat the heat!

3. Make some treats! Keep your puppers cooled off with some cool treats. Check out these Homemade Frozen Dog Treats from Rover.

4, Make a doggy Cooling Neck Collar. We love this youtube video from SD DIY Mommy DIY easy to make dog cooling collar. The dogs are pretty cute too!

5. Sew a new dog bed with Diana Pineapple Pack Pistachio Pup & FREE pattern Pet Pillow. One Diana Pineapple Pack has all the fabric you need to make a cozy pet bed for your family dog or cat.  Choose from 2 piecing options and stuff with recycled bed pillows. You’ll love this easy and quick project as much as your pets love you. Makes 1 pillow approximate size: 24” wide x 30” long x 2 3/4″ high. Skill Level: Confident Beginner. This pattern is a free option with any Diana Pineapple Pack purchase or as a separate digital download purchase.

Whatever you do to beat the heat with your furry friends make sure to keep cool and have fun. We hope that we have given you some good ideas & tips. Thanks for visiting our Pineapple blog!

From our Pineapple family to yours ~ make, create, and be happy…