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How To Shop Your Stash

Many of us are practicing social distancing and staying at home. Now is the perfect time to organize your fabric stash. It will feel good, you will feel more prepared and less overwhelmed the next time you are shopping for fabric. The health benefits from being organized combined with sewing and or quilting is just win, win. Here are some easy steps to take on how to shop your stash.

Conquer and Divide

Once you have decided to tackle your stash get it all out! We know it might take a minute however, the end result is so worth it! Divide your stash into two category’s: 1. Can’t live without. 2. No longer in love with it. Pull any fabric that you are no longer in love with. Use that fabric to make a scrappy quilt for charity. Or donate it to your local quilt guild for their charity program. In addition, this will help eliminate waste and sew it forward all at the same time. Organize the fabric you can’t live without by color, designer, or with a project in mind. Using clear containers, jars, & ziplock bags are a great way to store scraps.

Planning Ahead

After you have organized the fabric you can’t live without, turn your focus on your patterns. Or what about a UFO that you would like to finish? Now comes the fun part! Shop your stash and pull fabrics needed for each pattern.  On an index card or in a notebook make a list of what is still needed. Consider binding & backing fabric, batting, etc..  Snip a small piece of each fabric and safety pin it to the card.  Having a sample of what you already have can certainly be helpful. If you need to purchase fabric to go along with it the sample is good to have. You want to make sure your fabric plays well together.  Add to that list any other notions/tools needed. Store the pattern and fabrics together in project box.  

Keep the index cards where you can find them. You will be ready for the next Pineapple Fabrics warehouse sale! Sounds like a game plan.

Need more inspiration for getting organized? Take a look back at our blog post “From Drab to Fab in 2019“!

Have fun with these easy steps on how to shop your stash. Sending a big shout out of thanks to our very own Susan Pierce for making these great suggestions!

From our Pineapple Fabrics Family to yours, stay home, stay safe & SEW ON!