Basics, Blenders, & What’s New at Pineapple Fabrics

Basics & Blenders

It’s that time again to share what’s new at Pineapple Fabrics! Spring is in full swing & we are so excited to be talking about all of the great stuff going on at Pineapple Fabrics. Check out the following vlog post on our Pineapple Fabrics YouTube channel… parts 1 & 2! Make sure to give us a follow while you visit.

Basics, Blenders, & What’s New part 1
Basics, Blenders, & What’s New part 2

What’s New

All of our Pineapple Packs are made in limited quantities, making them pretty exclusive. We have new fabric coming in almost weekly. Dot (Pineapple Fabrics Blend Master!) takes care while ordering, keeping in mind all the while what the fabric will be best suited for. The following “Azula Two” Ellie Pineapple Pack is one of those packs that you just can’t get enough of. The beautiful blues batiks give all the feels of summer.

Robert Kaufman Cool Blue Batiks

“Modern Backgrounds” Carla Pineapple Pack has that retro feel that would make any project fun!

Fabric by Moda

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Thanks for taking some time to visit with us today. We hope you enjoyed the videos!

From our Pineapple Family to yours, make, create, and keep on sewing… : )