Pineapple Pieces Project – Sewing it Forward

Our Vision

The Pineapple Pieces Project is sewing it forward and making a difference in children’s lives. Giving hope, comfort and a sense of belonging to something greater.

Our Sewing Community

Pineapple Fabrics has an unbelievably fierce sewing community & a fantastic group of followers that we feel can help us make this vision into a reality.

This is a volunteer based project for sewers and quilters to create quilt blocks of a Pineapple which will be turned into quilts.
After we collect enough Pineapple Pieces, we will sew them together as a quilt to be donated to Brenner Children’s Hospital to contribute and give back.

Why Brenner Children’s Hospital?

An internationally renowned hospital that specializes in pediatric medicine and they are located right here in North Carolina. Giving to the children at Brenner Children’s Hospital just makes sense. What a better way to make a child feel special & loved than gifting them with a quilt handmade especially for them.

Each block is a 10.5″ square with an applique Pineapple centered in the middle. Fabrics used should be made with 100% quality quilters cotton.

Download the Applique Pineapple Pattern here.

Send Your Finished Blocks

C/O Pineapple Fabrics
Pineapple Pieces Project
503 Aztec Dr.
Archdale, NC 27263

  • This is an ongoing project!


We are looking for volunteers in the triad to sew blocks & complete the quilts. If you are interested please email The following sizes are for completed quilts:

Baby = 12 blocks, 3 across and 4 down = 30” x 40”
Crib = 20 blocks, 4 across and 5 down = 40” x 50”
Lap = 30 blocks, 5 across, and 6 down = 50” x 60”
Twin = 42 blocks, 6 across and 7 down = 60” x 70”

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