CGRBR1 – Creative Grids Basic Range 4in Square


Brand: Creative Grids

Creative Grids – Basic Range 4in Square

Keep it simple! The Basic Range series does just that åÐ they are easy to see and easy to read. By eliminating the 1/8 inch markings and the Turn a Round feature, literally over half of the markings are removed.

The remaining 1/4 inch; 1/2 inch and 1 inch markings are printed with a whole inch grid. ThatåÕs right åÐ without the Turn-a-Round feature, a 4 inch ruler truly measures four inches åÐ not 4-1/2 inches. Therefore they are printed so they read correctly for left handers too!

This 4 inch square features black numbers printed on white squares that are easy to read and differentiate this series from our standard line. Since 1/2 inch cuts are the most frequently used, these black and white dashed lines are prominent and are visible on light AND dark fabrics.

The 45 degree angle makes this ruler the perfect choice for squaring up half-square triangles in whole and half inch increments.

The entire outside edge is surrounded by 1/4 inch of our exclusive grip which slides easily on the fabric but stays in place when pressure is applied åÐ no miss-cuts!

Click on the video below or scan the QR Code printed on the ruler to view a tutorial of the Creative Grids Quilt Ruler.

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